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Month of Remembrance and Thanks 

During March we will mark the anniversary of the pandemic by having a month of remembrance and thanksgiving For Moreton Hall

To mark this we would like everybody to put a rainbow on an A4 sheet of paper and then underneath the curve of the rainbow, or some other place, put either:

  1. the name of somebody known to you who has died of Covid-19 and who you would like to remember, perhaps you might like to write RIP alongside the name;
  2. the name of somebody who contracted Covid-19 but survived who you would like to give thanks for;
  3. a message of appreciation to the NHS or just write NHS; 
  4. something or someone that has helped you get through the pandemic. 

Having done your rainbow, drop it round to the church and put it through our letterbox, then we will place it in the windows on the south side of the church for everyone to see. 

We are hoping the schools and the estate will join in with this, so that on Moreton Hall we can give thanks to God for our preservation and all the mercies we have received during the past twelve months and also remember the people who are no longer with us. 

Sam Rainbows

Steven Lovell, 18/02/2021