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At Christ Church Moreton Hall we are committed to genuine Christian discipleship and this takes place in our Home Groups as well as in our public worship and our daily lives.  In our Home Groups we centre our activities around the five key areas of:

Biblical Teaching
At the core of our Home Groups is a desire to centre round God’s word and thereby to discover His will for our lives and how to make sense of the world around us from a biblical perspective.  Through the Bible we encounter Jesus in person and this helps us to grow in grace, strength and faith and to become more like Him. 

Effective evangelism
In every Home Group there is an empty chair.  All Home Groups are encouraged to invite new members, whether they are Christians or not, to come and join the fellowship they have together.  Home Groups should have an outward focus so that we are not just concerned about ourselves, but also about the estate on which we are situated and the needs of our nation and overseas mission.  

Genuine Fellowship
People must feel they have a group of friends who will listen to them, understand them and support them.  Everything said in the group is strictly confidential to that group so people are able to share and grow in confidence with one another. 

Relevant worship
We come together to praise God, to pray and to draw closer to Him through worship.  In that way we renew ourselves in the Spirit and in our faith and it helps us to face together whatever the coming days and weeks may hold.  

Meaningful ministry
We are told in the Bible we should pray for one another and we should be of practical help in daily living.  It is important that you receive ministry and minister to one another and as we pray and support one another from time to time we will see healing take place.    

If you want to know more about our Home Groups and the programmes they are following, please see the Home Groups’ board at the back of church, or you can contact the church office.  We would really like you to be involved in a Home Group and we hope we can find one at an appropriate time and day to suit you.

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