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At Christ Church Moreton Hall we are delighted to conduct your marriage ceremony.  We have an attractive premises with a great exterior for photographs and a hall facility which offers the potential for you to arrange your own catering.  We are also near the Moreton Hall public house and the community centre where wedding receptions can be arranged.  If you live on the Moreton Hall estate or have some other connection with the area, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Some people are concerned about whether or not they can be married in church if they have been married before.  We are very keen to help in any way we can.  Therefore, please contact Revd. Jonathan Ford on 01284 725391 and we will set up a meeting with you to see what can be arranged.  We have carried out many marriages where people have previous partners still living and we have always found them to be joyous occasions. 
Some people feel marriage is such an important step that some special preparation is required.  We can offer this facility on request and if you would like to join a short course which explains the true nature of marriage, how best to prepare for it and live within it, as well as availing yourself of Christian insights on how marriage can be conducted, we are happy to provide this service for you. 
So, whether you are thinking of getting married at Christ Church Moreton Hall or are getting married elsewhere but want your banns called here, please contact us on:

Contact Revd. Jonathan Ford
Tel 01284 725391

Footnote:  By law the Church of England can only offer the  traditional understanding of marriage.