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One of the great joys of life is the gift of a child.  When that happens it is really good for the whole family to come together and celebrate the event.  At Christ Church, Moreton Hall, we are very keen to welcome people for Baptism which is also called Christening.
Please make your enquiry through our Church Office and then our Churchwarden, Mr. David Irvine, will contact you with a view to doing a brief interview and preparation.  During this time he will collect the names and addresses of the Godparents, if appropriate, and then show you a brief video which explains the Christian teaching behind Baptism.  After that he will arrange a date for your service.
Most of our Baptisms take place in during our main service at 10:30am on a Sunday morning, usually the first, second or fourth Sunday of the month.  This enables people to have the benefit not only of a public service, but also our worship band who will play favourite hymns for you on request.  We also have multi-media facilities to enable the service to go well.
Adult Baptism 
We find that many people today are coming to the Christian faith, or renewing their faith, as adults.  Some of those people feel that to mark this occasion they would like to be baptised.  Some like their Baptism to take place by means of the font, while others prefer to be fully immersed.  At Christ Church Moreton Hall we have a full immersion tank which enables people to make their commitment to God and have the experience of a baptism similar to that which Jesus undertook in the Jordan River.  If you are seriously considering adult baptism, please contact us on 01284 725391 and Revd. Jonathan Ford will come and talk to you and make appropriate arrangements for you.
If you require any further details of what we can offer, get in touch using the details below:

Tel 01284 725391